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Koç Üniversitesi Kuepe Speaking;

SECTION 5 – SPEAKING (20 points)

INTRODUCTION – (1 minute)

■ To start off, could you please tell me your full name and ID number?
■ Ok, thank you.
■ Where do you live (student’s name)?
■ Do you like where you live? (Why?)

PART 1 – (2-3 minutes)

The examiner asks a question on a general topic. The following set of questions are on the topic of reading:

■ What things do you generally like to read? (Why?)
■ Would you rather read a book or watch a film? (Why?)
■ If you had to read something, where would you read it? (Why?)
■ Do you think using an e-book would make reading more enjoyable for you? (Why?)

PART 2 – (2.5 minutes)

In this part, the student is asked to speak on a topic for one and a half minutes. Before the student speaks, she/
he will have one minute to think about what she/he is going to say and make some notes if she/he wishes.
First, the student is asked to choose two discussion cards from several topic cards and decide which
one she/he would like to talk about.

After choosing the topic card the student wants to talk about, she/he is given a pencil and paper to make
notes with. The student may take notes for one minute.
After one minute, the student is asked to read his/her task out loud. Then, begin giving his/her response.


Some people believe that the purpose of going to school is to pass exams rather than to gain
knowledge. What is your opinion on this issue? Why?

PART 3 – (2-3 minutes)

In this part, the student is asked questions on a topic related to the topic in Part 2. However, these
questions are on different aspects of the topic discussed in Part 2.
The following set of questions are on the issue of improving students’ learning:

■ What factors at home or in school make learning difficult for students? (Why?/How?)
■ How can parents or teachers deal with those problems?
■ How do you think learning in the classroom will change in the future?
■ Do you think this change/these changes will be beneficial or harmful for students?
■ Is it better to learn a lot of information in less detail or less information in more detail?
■ In what situations would a student need to learn a lot of information in less detail?

Koç Üniversitesi Kuepe Speaking;
After two and a half minutes, the exam finishes.

NOTE: Speaking exams are recorded.


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