Ana sayfa » Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 2

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part-2

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 2

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 2 bu bölümde sınavlarda karşınıza çıkacak kelimeler üzerinde çalışacağız.Kelime bilginizi her gün düzenli çalışarak çoğaltmanız gereklidir ki sınav sırasında gereksiz vakit kaybetmeyin.Blog yazılarımızı takip edin.WOLA olarak amacımız sizlerin en hızlı şekilde fakülte hayatına başlamınızdır.


Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 2

  1. append fix to; attach

The hashtag has been appended to quite a few approving tweets.

  1. appreciate being fully aware of

There are, of course, plenty of things to appreciate about Downton.

  1. approach

ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem

He said a better understanding of the links between high blood pressure and dementia could be crucial for developing new treatments

or approaches to prevention.

  1. appropriate

suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc

Mr. Frederick said, “that kind of legal strategy is perfectly appropriate .”

  1. approximate

judge tentatively or form an estimate of

Food technology means they aren’t bad these days, but they’re only approximating the real thing.

  1. arbitrary

based on or subject to individual discretion or preference

His works are often intentionally placed in

unglamorous, arbitrary surroundings like abandoned buildings, far from the sleek world of urban galleries.

  1. aspect

a characteristic to be considered

He will oversee all aspects of marketing for the company, including advertising, brand management, social media, and communications, LivingSocial said on Tuesday.

  1. assess

estimate the nature, quality, ability, or significance of

Another complexity: most studies assess maternal drinking through interviews, and pregnant women might lie about or underestimate their consumption out of embarrassment or shame.

  1. assign

select something or someone for a specific purpose

A more extensive staff has been assigned to the school, she said, including mental health professionals.

  1. assume

take to be the case or to be true

The market, it is generally assumed, will eventually drive up wages.

  1. attach

be in contact with

“Indonesians are religious people; they are very much attached to their religious teachings, their religious values,” he said.

  1. attain

to gain with effort

He joined the Army near the end of and attained the rank of staff sergeant, remaining in the United States.

  1. attribute

an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity

Ms. Ora attributes much of her fashion education to her surroundings.

  1. authority

the power or right to give orders or make decisions

Soccer authorities have been helping those banned with getting back on their feet and finding a way back into society.

  1. behalf

as the agent of or on someone’s part

The husband sits in the dominant, protective role, watching his wife’s efforts on behalf of the family and taking pride.

  1. bias

a partiality preventing objective consideration of an issue

More than 300 political parties contested the last general elections, representing various concerns, biases, cries for justice, and pressure groups.

  1. brief

give essential information to someone

“Flu vaccines are tough,” Bresee said during a telephone briefing with reporters.

  1. bulk

the property possessed by a large mass

Across Portugal, supermarkets and hypermarkets continued to gain ground with their inexpensive packaged goods and bulk items.

  1. capable

having capacity or ability

As John Stuart Mill emphasized many years ago, those capable of supporting themselves should not rely on others’ habitual aid.

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 2


Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler part 2


Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler part 2

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