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Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part-3

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part-3

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 3 bölümü sınavlarınızda size kelime bilgisi hakkında fikir edinmeniz için hazırlanmıştır.Kelime bilginiz sayesinde sınavlarınız sırasında zorlukları daha kolay aşacaksınız.WOLA olarak amacımız öğrencilerimizi en hızlı şekilde fakülteye hazırlamaktır.


  1. capacity

capability to perform or produce

“The hospitals treating the injured are at maximum capacity.

  1. cease

put an end to a state or an activity

The company said it was also temporarily ceasing sales of modern sporting rifles nationwide.

  1. channel

transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

Options include channeling more funds to the banking sector to boost lending, buying government bonds on the secondary market, and even reducing foreign currency reserves.

  1. chart

a visual display of information

In some countries, including the largest developing economies in Asia, the

G.D.P. charts show no indication that bad things ever happened.

  1. cite

make reference to

The rating agency cited India’s high saving and investment rates, relatively competitive private sector, and diverse economy as the rationale behind its decision.

  1. civil

of or occurring between or among citizens of the state

What followed, officials said, was a remarkable show of international cooperation over Syria’s civil war.

  1. clarify

make clear and comprehensible

He later clarified his meaning and said the media had misconstrued his comments.

  1. classic

of recognized authority or excellence

“The Blue Angel,” adapted from Heinrich Mann’s s novel “Small Town Tyrant,” is a cinema classic that made Marlene Dietrich a star.

  1. code

a set of rules or principles or laws

France’s Civil Code says one must have another nationality in order to give up French citizenship because it is forbidden to be stateless.

  1. coherent

marked by an orderly and consistent relation of parts

That leadership vacuum, Mr. Bealefeld, and others said, has inevitably depleted morale and kept the agency from developing

coherent agenda.

  1. coincide

happen simultaneously

The cutbacks in education and growing youth unemployment coincide with two demographic crises facing European governments.

  1. collapse

break down, literally or metaphorically

The collapse of Latvia’s largest bank in 1995 wiped out many people’s savings.

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 3


  1. commence

set in motion, cause to start

Training commences with what is known as a “warm welcome.”

  1. commission

a special group delegated to consider some matter

The commission collected evidence that showed the authorities discussed covering up killings, including by quickly burying victims’ bodies.

  1. commit

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

A lawyer for the medical examiner’s office, Mimi Mairs, said the agency had committed to “leaving no stone unturned in recalling casework she touched.”

  1. communicate

interchange information or ideas

By introducing the rating system to games that rely on digital distribution, Vance said, developers will communicate their nature to consumers better.

  1. community

group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region

In November, Hurricane Sandy devastated entire communities in coastal New York and New Jersey and killed over 100 people.

  1. compatible

able to exist and perform in a harmonious combination

Starting in late June, a system that sends emergency alerts via texts began operating on compatible cellphones.

  1. compensate

make amends for

The German government has already compensated Jews who were forced to work in the ghettos.

  1. compile

get or gather together

Mobile video calling has risen so quickly that industry analysts have not yet compiled exact numbers.

  1. complement

something added to embellish or make perfect

Third, in 2008-9, monetary and fiscal policies were complemented by government capital injections directly into the United States and European banks.

  1. component

one of the individual parts making up a composite entity

Avoiding turnovers, hitting the offensive boards, and getting to the free-throw line are critical components of an efficient offense.

  1. compound

a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts

The New England Compounding Center was shut down, and inspections found extensive contamination.

  1. comprehensive including all or everything

Comprehensive investigative reports for the four equine fatalities from the inner track meet are being completed by board staff.”

  1. comprise be composed of

Peck, though, was surprised to learn the other team nicknames used in his league, which was comprised entirely of white men.

Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler Part 3

  1. conceive have the idea for

This strategy, while not entirely random, was hardly well-conceived.

  1. concentrate

make denser, more robust, or purer

Mostly we were silent, concentrating on our steps, but occasionally we would chat.


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Özyeğin Trace Sınavı Kelimeler part 3

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