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Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği WOLA tarafından Sabancı Üniversitesi hazırlık bölümünde okuyacak ayrıca daha sonra ELAE sınavına girecek öğrenciler için hazırlanmıştır.Sitemizde bu alanda farklı bilgiler mevcuttur.Sizde Bu bilgilerden yararlanmak istiyorsanız yazıları dikkatlice okumanızı tavsiye ediyoruz.

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1

(Practice Test) Stage One (90 Minutes)

Time yourself when doing Sections I and II. You have exactly 60 minutes. The questions cover a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. You may find some of the questions easier than others. DO NOT spend more than 30 seconds on any one question. DO NOT leave any answers blank. Section III is a 30-minute writing test.
In the actual examination, you will be writing your answers on an optic form. For this practice test on the Web, you should check your answers at the end by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Read the following sentences carefully. Find the correct answer and mark it on the optic sheet. Do not write on the question booklet.

1. Ann thought that she the visitor before.
A) saw
B) sees
C) sees
D) had seen
2) Various kinds of nuclear weapons in the past few years by many countries.
A) were produced
B) have been produced
C) were producing
D) will have been produced
3. All the scenes before they are shot.
A) are rehearsing
B) are rehearsed
C) would be rehearsed
D) has been rehearsed
4. Mike: Have you got hot and cold running water?
Jane: Of course we have. You talk as if we in the jungle.
A) are living
B) had lived
C) were living
D) will be living

5. So far, twenty-eight patients and the improvement is said to be beyond all expectations.
A) were treated
B) are being treated
C) had been treated
D) have been treated
6. The witness finally admitted that he remembered someone standing behind the door
with a pistol in his hand.
A) having seen
B) being seen
C) had seen
D) to see
7. Those dirty socks disgusting.
A) are smelling
B) were smelling
C) smell
D) have been smelling
8. Turkey the EU yet.
A) hasn’t joined
B) isn’t joined
C) didn’t join
D) doesn’t join
9. When I arrived, he for half an hour.
A) had been waiting
B) has been waiting
C) was waiting
D) would be waiting
10. By the time of the project, we will have been working together for at least nine years.
A) completed
B) completes
C) will be completed
D) has been completed
11. Over the past year, the Division of Mathematical Sciences ways in which mathematical scientists might contribute to this challenge.
A) has been exploring
B) explored
C) had explored
D) was exploring

12. When people go to another country, they encounter certain kinds of differences.
A) plan / expected
B) planned/have expected
C) are planning / expect
D) have planned / expected
13. Tom looked at his hands. He that those hands are young and strong before.
A) knew/had been
B) know/are
C) had known/were
D) knew / be
14. He told us the firm wool since 1935.
A) had been exporting
B) would export
C) is exporting
D) exports
15. During the nineteenth century, the population of the United States rapidly to the west.
A) has expanded
B) expanded
C) had been expanding
D) was expanding
16. The World Health Organization says efforts to control the spread of SARS for now at least.
A) had been succeeded
B) would succeed
C) will succeed
D) have succeeded
17. From the very beginning of his career until his death, Adolf Hitler major goals.
A) has had
B) had had
C) had
D) will have
18. He had bled continuously until the doctor.
A) would come
B) was coming
C) had come
D) came

just two

19. You will not begin writing the report until I.
A) will come
B) come
C) would come
D) will have come
20. I’ve arranged everything. We sightseeing in Amasra at the weekend.
A) will go
B) have gone
C) are going
D) had gone
21. The new sports center last Sunday, but the president canceled his visit to the city and it was postponed to another date.
A) was to have been opened
B) had opened
C) must have been opened
D) didn’t open
22. When I got to the bus station, I realized that I my ticket at home.
A) have forgotten
B) forgot
C) would forget
D) had forgotten
23. Our teacher lives in that flat across from the post office.
A) used to
B) were
C) had
D) would
24. The company some new equipment before the strike.
A) have ordered/begin
B) is ordering/began
C) ordered / begins
D) had ordered/began
25. This time tomorrow, we have our English exam.
A) will be taking
B) will take
C) will have taken
D) would take

26. By the end of the next week, the accountant next year’s budget.
A) will prepare
B) is going to prepare
C) will have prepared
D) will have been preparing
27. Please don’t give him any money; he a lot lately.
A) is spending
B) has spent
C) spent
D) was spending
28. If we hadn’t attended their wedding, they.
A) would offend
B) could have offended
C) might have been offended
D) were going to offend
29. It’s high time we divorced.
A) will get
B) had gotten
C) are getting
D) got
30. Why you come yesterday? We a good time.
A) didn’t / could have had
B) don’t / can have
C) will / might have
D) doesn’t / will have
31. It three weeks since I last saw my mother.
A) has been
B) had been
C) will be
D) would be
32. The chairman is expected to say the project by next month.
A) has finished
B) had finished
C) finishes
D) will have been finished

33. We wait because of the man.
A) told/was questioned
B) were told/was being questioned
C) were told/is questioned
D) told/was being questioned
34. It that Caner her.
A) seems/marry
B) seemed / marries
C) will seem/ marry
D) seems / will marry
35. We learned that he the office 5 minutes before he.
A) left / returned
B) had left / returned
C) would leave / returned
D) would have left/came
36. When Jane married James, she no idea that she such a lovely life.
A) had / would be living
B) has had/was going to live
C) didn’t have / would live
D) had / will be living
37. By the year 2025, I in the factory for thirty years.
A) am working
B) will be working
C) will have been working
D) have worked
38. Ronald Reagan president for 8 years before he.
A) had been/has retired
B) had been/had retired
C) was/had retired
D) had been / retired
39. She is me. I’m still waiting.
A) has emailed
B) would email
C) was going to email
D) had to email

40. After long consideration we to the conclusion of our behavior.
A) came/had been justified
B) came / will be justified
C) will come / would be justified
D) are coming / will justify

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Read the following sentences carefully. Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the first one.

41. People without the ability to read and write are at a disadvantage.
A) It’s the ability to read and write that makes these people think they are in an advantageous situation.
B) Illiteracy puts people in a disadvantageous position.
C) If you are not able to read and write, you will have difficulty finding a job.
D) Only people who can read and write can reach their goals in life.
42. You shouldn’t have lied to him about your age.
A) It was wrong of you not to tell him your real age,
B) I advise you to tell him how old you really are.
C) He must have been told the truth about your age.
D) It can’t have been difficult for him to find out your real age.
43. The last time I had to change a flat tire was years ago.
A) I haven’t had to change a flat tire in years.
B) When I last had a flat tire, I had to change it myself.
C) Since I bought this car, I haven’t changed a flat tire.
D) I can’t change a flat tire as quickly as I used to.
44. Not all newsreaders know what they’re saying.
A) What most newsreaders believe is that they do a unique job.
B) I don’t want to hear any other piece of news read by these anchormen.
C) Some newsreaders have no idea what they are talking about.
D) The news read by some newsreaders is almost impossible to understand
45. I wish you could have more respect for yourself.
A) If only you could show a little more respect.
B) I regret not having expressed my gratitude.
C) I feel sorry for your lack of self-respect.
D) I want you to remember that I will always admire you.

46. Memories of the days I was in prison upset me.
A) It is difficult for me to write about my prison memories.
B) I feel furious when I remember I was put in jail for no good reason.
C) It is difficult for me to understand the pain of being in prison.
D) When I remember my prison days, I feel distressed.
47. Government health care will never be as inexpensive as predicted.
A) It used to be less costly for the government to provide health care.
B) It’s any government’s main responsibility to provide free health care.
C) Government health care will always be more costly than expected.
D) Public health cannot be improved unless governments act more generously.
48. Only guilty people go to jail.
A) Every guilty person has been jailed.
B) If you are guilty, you deserve to go to prison.
C) No innocent people are imprisoned.
D) You won’t go to prison unless you kill innocent people.
49. She couldn’t figure out why her credit card applications were rejected again and again,
A) Her credit card applications were not even replied to and this made her really angry.
B) They turned down her credit card applications repeatedly, which she couldn’t understand.
C) It was not the first time her credit card application had been rejected by that bank.
D) The reason why her credit card applications were rejected many times is inexplicable.
50. Although I got furious when I found my mother reading my emails, i didn’t say a word.
A) I didn’t get very angry when I caught my mother reading my emails but I pretended as if I was.
B) Even though my mother was very angry upon reading my emails, she preferred to keep quiet.
C) When I saw my mother while she was reading my emails, I said nothing in spite of my anger.
D) I kept quiet when I realized my mother had read my emails because I had nothing to hide.

To successfully complete the next two exercises make sure you read the short passages carefully. The context will give you a clue as to what the missing word may be. For this Web version, you may type each word or cut and paste.

REMEMBER: A word can be used only once.

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Passage One

Read the following passage carefully and fill in the blanks with ONE suitable word from the box.

There are more words than you need. DO NOT use a word more than ONCE.

Back, into, by, chronic, concerned, involved, develop, founding, including, to enhance, however, whereas opinion, with, concerned

Psychology’s involvement in health dates the beginning of the 20th century, but at that time, few psychologists were medicine.

The psychosomatic medicine movement sought to bring psychological factors 53. the understanding of the disease, but that view gave way to the biopsychosocial approach to
health and disease. 54. the 1970s, psychologists had begun to 55.research and treatment aimed at 56. disease and health promotion. This research and treatment
led to the 57. of two new fields: behavioral medicine and health psychology.

Behavioral medicine is 58. with applying the knowledge and techniques of behavioral research to physical health,59. prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Health psychology strives, prevent and treat disease, identify risk factors, improve the health care system and shape public 61. regarding health issues. Health psychology overlaps 62. behavioral medicine and
the two professions have many common methods of diagnosis and treatment. 63. , behavioral medicine is an interdisciplinary field, 64. health psychology is a specialty within the field of psychology that is 65. with issues of physical health.

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1

Passage Two
Read the following passage carefully and fill in the blanks with ONE suitable word from the box.

There are more words than you need. DO NOT use a word more than ONCE.

poverty, painful, however, inequality, struggling, from, with, though, guarantee, unemployed to fix, meanwhile, reputation, growth, investment

China and India need 66. their economies and societies, and to do so, they have to deal 67.some grim news. Growth is slowing, 68. in China’s case that helps cool an overheated economy.

In both countries, exports are falling, inflation is at 69. levels, income 70. is reaching great proportions, and injustices like land grabs are sparking widespread protests. The two countries have lifted countless millions of the 71. out of 72, but countless other millions – youths, workers, and farmers – remain marginalized and desperate for decent livelihoods.

While China does not follow the rules, India has too many rules to follow.

China is 73. to contain assets, deal with bad loans, and to rebal-ance its economy away 74. state-directed 75. to consumer-led 76.

India’s reputation, 77. , has been so damaged by bureaucratic corruption that the country’s top corporations have hired US consultancy firms to make a so-called “credible India” campaign. 78. , it seems that India needs to do lots of work to overcome its bad 79. and there is no 80. that it will be able to do so.


Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Read the following sentences carefully. Find the correct answer and mark it.
81. First we need to how much damage has been done to the building and then start renovating it.
A) assess
B) permit
C) devastate
D) emerge
82. The meaning of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet changes according to each in which one reads it.
A) task
B) majority
C) policy
D) context
83. The secret of success is first to your objectives for your business, and then start it.
A) disappear
B) define
C) narrate
D) reflect
84. The title of the poem “The Sick Rose” that it is about a broken love relationship.
A) implies
B) means
C) declines
D) identifies
85. Research has that 115 is the maximum age a person has been able to live up to.
A) advocated
B) guaranteed
C) declined
D) demonstrated
86. The drawings of Greek villages
in the artist’s paintings give a/an vision of life there.
A) accurate
B) convenient
C) creative
D) organized

87. Being too much violent as a child will definitely affect your future psychology.
A) inferred
B) exposed
C) equipped
D) transmitted

88. Parents cannot help giving advice even if you are 40 and of looking after yourself.
A) compatible
B) capable
C) sustainable
D) legal
89. Most private hospitals in Turkey are full of the latest technological devices.
A) adapted
B) equipped
C) invested
D) established
90. This airplane company works on the ticket prices are always refundable.
A) task
B) theory
C) principle
D) dat
91. Democracy is a that includes, among other things, the ideas of individual freedom
and the right to vote.
A) vision
B) concept
C) industry
D) tradition
92. She the value of her house by renovating it.
A) achieved
B) enhanced
C) contributed
D) formatted
93. The government has laws about paying taxes.
A) stable
B) collaborative
C) mass-produced
D) rigid

94. I’ve always thought that I looked very different from my sister, even though we’re twins.
However, often other people can’t tell the difference.
A) identical
B) functional
C) sustainable
D) visual
95. I am recently reading a book called “How to Your Money to Enhance Your Life.”
A) Renovate
B) Distort
C) Utilize
D) Modify
96. His include working at his job, studying for his classes, and keeping his girlfriend happy.
A) publications
B) aspects
C) visions
D) priorities
97. Tax in Turkey pays for, such as the national highway system.
A) infrastructure
B) integration
C) industrialization
D) dimension
98. This museum a different artist’s collection every two months.
A) sustains
B) exhibits
C) innovates
D) functions
99. Our school will organize a fund-raising event and the Somalia Relief Fund.
A) collaborate
B) contribute
C) consume
D) innovate
100. Our coursebook “Language Leader” was written by of five authors.
A) distortion
B) consumption
C) collaboration
D) fluctuation

101. The pilot announced that the landing time to New York was 15:55.
A) estimated
B) advanced
C) proposed
D) essential
102. In big companies, the rules are mostly strict because it is difficult for so many workers and
keep the business going.
A) accommodate
B) reverse
C) intervene
D) coordinate
103. There are more students than local students in this university.
A) visual
B) advanced
C) vast
D) overseas
104. It is highly important for passengers to follow the safety before the plane takes off.
A) guidelines
B) knowledge
C) prospects
D) benefits
105. Children of the Internet age have friends rather than real ones and this will certainly
have negative effects on their social skills in the future.
A) overseas
B) virtual
C) mature
D) stable
106. As long as a civil policeman shows his ID card, he has every on the person he is dealing with.
A) environment
B) guidelines
C) authority
D) insurance
107. A high of the food packages sent to Somali consisted of fresh vegetables and meat.
A) estimate
B) experience
C) proportion
D) context

108. To a plane, they use a little but strong car that pushes and moves it.
A) tow
B) constitute
C) intervene
D) accompany
109. From the crowd and the ambulance sirens, it was that there was a bad car accident.
A) rational
B) accurate
C) persuasive
D) evident
110. The Marmaray Project well up until the workers came across a historical underwater site and stopped digging.
A) proceeded
B) suggested
C) satisfied
D) accommodated

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Read the following sentences carefully and find the correct form of the word given at the end of each sentence. Write the correct form of the word in the answer box provided.

111. There was some as to whether we had won or lost. (CONFUSE)
112. Jack spoke to the audience urging them to elect him president of the union.(CONFIDENT)
113. This airline’s lack of organization is astounding. (COMPLETE)
114. The child denied the piece of candy. (STEAL)
115. Business training is good for any career. (PREPARE)
116. He never admitted the wild party while his parents were out of town. (HAVE)
117. The new factory is expected to more than 400 new jobs. (CREATE)
118. Sunscreen provides a layer against the sun’s harmful rays. (PROTECT)
119. The new credit cards will be great for our customers. (BENEFIT)
120. There was a touch of in his voice. (SADDEN)


Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Your teacher has asked you to write a 200-word composition about the following topic: Which do you think is better for children?
• growing up in the countryside?
• growing up in a big city?

You can use the place below to plan your essay. Your plan will not be marked.

30 minutes


Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


1-D 11-A 21-A 31-A 41-B
2-B 12-C 22-D 32-D 42-A
3-B 13-A 23-A 33-B 43-A
4-C 14-A 24-D 34-D 44-C
5-D 15-B 25-A 35-B 45-C
6-A 16-D 26-C 36-A 46-D
7-C 17-C 27-B 37-C 47-C
8-A 18-D 28-C 38-D 48-C
9-A 19-B 29-D 39-C 49-B
10-D 20-C 30-A 40-A 50-C

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1


Passage One Passage Two
51-back 66-to fix 81-A 96-D 111-confusion
52-involved 67-with 82-D 97-A 112-confidently
53-into 68-though 83-B 98-B 113-complete
54-by 69-painful 84-A 99- B 114-stealing
55-develop 70-inequality 85-D 100-C 115-
56-chronic 71-unemployed 86-A 101-A 116-having
57-founding 72-poverty 87-B 102-D 117-create
58-concerned 73-struggling 88-B 103-D 118-protective
59-including 74-from 89-B 104-A 119-benefit
60-to enhance 75-investment 90-C 105-B 120-sadness
61-opinion 76-growth 91-B 106-C
62-with 77-meanwhile 92-B 107-C
63-However 78-However 93-D 108-A
64-whereas 79-reputation 94-A 109-D
65-concerned 80-guarantee 95-C 110-A


Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1

Sabancı ELAE Sınav Örneği 1

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